Remembrance Day

Every year there is a Eucamenical Remembrance Day Church Service at St. George’s Church in Estrela, Lisbon remembering all war veterans from the First...   Read More

November News

Next Monday, 31st of October, the school will be closed. From Wednesday 2nd of November winter uniform is mandatory, although there will be some...   Read More

RTP Field Trip Y4 & Y5

Dear parents, Y4 and Y5 will visit the main RTP TV studio located in Lisbon, in Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa.  This field trip’s main purpose is...   Read More


We kindly invite all St. James’ students to experience a Judo class either on Friday 15th or Monday 18th September. Y2 and Y3  from...   Read More

What’s happening in June?


Many thanks to Y6 & Y7

We want to thank Y6 & Y7 students who did reading with Y2 pupils in April.  Well done!

“Pirilampo Magico”

“Pirilampo Mágico“, one of the biggest symbols of national charitable spirit, will run its 30th. annual campaign from 9th. to 27th. of May. Year...   Read More


Carnival was fun and the weather was fantastic !! The winners of this school Year ‘S mask contest were as follows: Y2: Maria Inés Ferreira...   Read More

Attention, please!

There is a change in the school calendar as Thursday, May 26th., is now a bank holiday.  For this reason, we had to change...   Read More

TUDOR – Celebrate St Nicholas’ Day

Children in families who celebrate St Nicholas’ Day receive treats – including candy, cookies, small toys, or fruit – in stockings, socks, shoes or...   Read More

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