School Programme

More than a unique curricular approach, we propose a whole new learning experience. It does not only include the classes and activities which are developed and provided while the children are at school, but also the standards, quality and discipline of the school, the attitudes and values which it promotes.

Therefore, we see the curriculum in terms of experience, of knowledge and skills that we think the children should attain.

By the time most children are ready to move on to their future schools we would expect them to be independent, confident learners with the ability to:

  • Read fluently and accurately, with understanding, discrimination and enjoyment;
  • Speak and write clearly and confidently;
  • Write legibly and neatly with good standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • Use mathematical skills and ideas in everyday situations;
  • Know where to look for information and how to record findings;
  • Understand how technology can be used;
  • Work independently or in a group to find things out, interpret and solve problems;
  • Use a range of creative arts and crafts as a means of expression;
  • Possess enough skill, strength, endurance and mobility to take part confidently in a range of physical activities;
  • To show an awareness of local geographical, historical and social influences and of other times, places and cultures.


  • In planning these curriculums and putting it into practice, we aim to ensure that as far as possible the way children are taught, individually, in small groups or as a part of a whole class, matches their individual needs. The needs of those who learn more slowly are met as an integral part of the work of the school.
  • As our pupils come from widely differing ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, the school has policies covering all aspects of the curriculum. These are aimed at preparing all of them to live in a multicultural society and to recognise and take advantage of the valuable contribution the different cultural backgrounds can make to their education.



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