School Organisation

Assessment Week

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ASSESSMENT DAYS – 28th and 30th of May 2019 There will be no classes and extracurricular activities in the afternoon, so children...   Read More

Gifts Exchange for Christmas

Before the 13th of December, pupils must bring a present to school for Father Christmas’ present exchange (boy for boy, girl for girl) at...   Read More

Easter Tea Party

To celebrate Easter, we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt during the morning, and in the afternoon we will have games and our Easter Tea Party. Parents...   Read More

Carnival Break

Don´t forget the school will be closed on the 27th and 28th of February and on the 1st of  March.  

RTP Field Trip Y4 & Y5

Dear parents, Y4 and Y5 will visit the main RTP TV studio located in Lisbon, in Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa.  This field trip’s main purpose is...   Read More


We kindly invite all St. James’ students to experience a Judo class either on Friday 15th or Monday 18th September. Y2 and Y3  from...   Read More

Attention, please!

There is a change in the school calendar as Thursday, May 26th., is now a bank holiday.  For this reason, we had to change...   Read More


For the parents who have not sent the Procedures and Regulations Form properly signed, we ask you to please send it no later than...   Read More

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