You only have to know one thing… You can learn anything!

That’s why We Believe In Your Future!

St. James´ teaching and learning goals follow the classical model of education with the aim to develop students´ critical thinking skills rather than filling them with facts and information. The creditworthiness of the process is a strategy aligned with our goal: To create Citizens of the World with a promising future. The curriculum is divided into core elements aimed to further the development of individuals, supported by the English National Curriculum. This strategy ensures the development of students´ abilities. Our students need above all, to master both the Portuguese and English languages, as these are the instruments with which they will base their success when articulating ideas both orally and in writing. This will ensure the maximum development of their intellectual abilities, facilitating the learning of different subjects, both in Humanities and in Sciences.


St. James’ adds artistic expressions to the curriculum, so that through the different paths taken they will acquire intellectual, moral and aesthetic maturity, albeit not disassociating themselves with an interpretation of the world and mankind. Our aim is to provide children with the best material that civilisation and culture can offer:  this includes the music of Mozart, the language of Shakespeare, the art of Leonardo, the architecture of Souto Moura…  their beauty and intelligence satisfy pupils emotionally and enable them to develop their own creative powers.

We believe in an imaginative and carefully balanced curriculum which aims to develop the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the child, so that they may become independent, responsible, original thinking, confident and considerate members of the community.

The School also recognises the important role which parents play in their children’s education and we make every effort to encourage parental involvement. Every child is supported and guided to do their best in every field, whether it be academic, art, sport, dance, music, or drama.  As a school we take note of the National Curriculum but, syllabi often extend beyond it.  Each subject is structured to ensure progression in competence and understanding and to allow the child to grow in self-confidence.

  • Delight in the love of learning; learn to be adaptable; solve problems in different situations; work independently and as part of a team; develop an enquiring mind;
  • Develop a belief in their own talents; be enthusiastic and eager to put their best into all activities;
  • Show confidence in their creative powers; communicate their knowledge and feelings through various art forms including art/craft, music and drama;
  • Gain physical strength, confidence and agility in and through movement; know how to apply the basic principles of health, hygiene and safety;
  • Grow in awareness and thoughtfulness; care for and take pride in their school; behave in a dignified and acceptable way and learn to become responsible for their actions; understand moral values, such as honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, on which to base their own behaviour;
  • Value friendships; develop tolerance, respect and appreciation for the feelings and capabilities of others;
  • Appreciate stillness; be happy, cheerful and well balanced.

St. George´ s School has developed a specific curriculum, upon which our pupils will evolve, allowing for the possibility of true growth. Still believing in bilingual education, our curriculum centres its focus on the teaching of the 4 core elements, English and Portuguese Languages, Mathematics and Sciences. These subjects are complemented by English Literature, a Foreign Language, Geography and History. In this way, we will continue to prepare bilingual pupils who, along with a humanistic culture and solid scientific, technological and artistic knowledge, will be great citizens of the future.

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