Goals and Objectives

It is our aim:

  • To educate our pupils in the use of reason and tolerance as a means towards conflict solving, rather than to resort to aggression and coercion.
  • To ensure that learning is enjoyable and that pupils at the school are provided with a stimulating and caring environment.
  • To place the child’s own experience at the heart of the learning process, to make this the basis of our own teaching whenever possible, and to extend the child through the provision of meaningful learning experiences.
  • Not only to provide our pupils with a foundation of essential skills but also to place an emphasis upon how children learn as a complement to what they learn.
  • To encourage curiosity and independence of thought and to develop higher level thinking skills of our pupils. In so doing, to develop an approach to learning that will enhance the growth of the individual throughout life.
  • To work for the development of the whole child. By this we mean we will address the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical needs of each of our pupils and that we will bear in mind the interdependency of these in a child’s development.
  • To recognise the children’s individualism and diversity of background and experience, and to develop the potential of each child.
  • To Keep abreast of current educational thinking and to ensure that our teaching has a sound theoretical base.
  • To develop in our pupils an awareness of global issues, to encourage discussion of these and provide opportunities for our pupils to exercise their own problem solving skills.
  • To develop within the school community an awareness and tolerance of different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles.
  • To involve parents in the education of their children through regular communication and involvement in the school activities.
  • To recognise the importance of our school, of its location, and to forge close and positive links with the culture of our host country.
  • To make a contribution to the wider field of international education to foster relationships with our fellow international schools.


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